Color Stance

Improvement Inspite of Color


We are not here to debate if the dilute gene is naturally occurring in the Labrador Retriever.  There are currently two mainstream theories on the history of the dilute gene occurring in the Labrador.  One theory states that a mutation occurred naturally through the various dogs which were outcrossed before the stud books were closed, whereas the other theory proposes that there was a kennel or two that interbred their hunting Labradors with Weimaraners.  We are not here to try to convince anyone of either theory because both could be plausible in some sense and neither are able to be proven without a shadow of a doubt.  At the same time, there is no turning back the clock since AKC allowed them to be registered by parentage.  While dilute English Labradors are not able to enter into the show ring because of the color disqualification, the facts are that the dilute Labradors are allowed to hunt and perform agility just like Labrador was designed to within other AKC events.  They are registerable by AKC under the base colors of black, yellow, and chocolate, even though they possess a dilute modifier which expresses in a coat of a variety of their base coat color.   We acknowledge that this does go against the current breed standard.  There is also a major (more than normal) disparity between body types within the Labrador.  A difference between show dogs and their working counterparts occurs in many breeds, but the differences in the Labrador Retriever, setting color aside, is astounding.   Therefore, coat color alone isn’t the only disqualifier that needs to be worked on within the breed.   Uniformity and what is known at the “Total Lab” needs to be strived for when pairing dogs to breed.

Now what do we do ?

Dilute Labradors are here no matter what those attempting to hold onto the breed standard say, and because there is such a war between these two camps it throws new breeders into one side or the other.  We believe strongly that this has hurt Labrador mentorship, where many breeds can get along with one another in spite of differences, for whatever reason these two camps are as polarized as Republicans and Democrats!   That said this site is meant to partner those looking to learn up with those willing to teach in spite of color.   It is our hope that we can learn from one another and establish friendship which will help new breeders, from both sides to breed better quality no matter if they are breeding Black Yellow and Chocolate Labradors only or if they are breeding them with their dilute modifiers.


What do we do about the debate?

Between the hyperbolie on both sides, neither side of the war is worth engaging.  The LRC isn’t changing the standard anytime soon, and dilute labradors aren’t going away.  Therefore it’s best to do your best and consider the Golden Rule when breeding, ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ”   or Treat others the way you would want to be treated.  In other words stay out of the Debates do what you would like to do, following what’s best for the dogs, puppy homes, and your own family and enjoy it!



We believe one of the main ways we can improve Labrador breeding is by seeking out Labradors that come closer to the breed standard.  We want to encourage Labrador Conformation Education.

Hunting Ability

We strive to maintain the hunting ability in each dog no matter the conformation.  We want a Labrador that can retrieve and therefore we encourage hunting ability as we mentor.

Health Testing

Health Testing is a huge part of breeding successfuly.  If we are going to bring healthy pets into this world, we should do it by ensuring that the labradors going forward will be the healthiest around.

Considerations In Colors

The big divide in the Labrador community we attempt to focus on all those other things first and foremost and keep the color discussion at the back end, however for those choosing to jump into colors we want to be there to help do it right.

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