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We realize you may have tons of questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ or the Learn more pages.   If that’s the case or if you’ve signed up and haven’t heard from us please feel free to send us a note!


We believe one of the main ways we can improve Labrador breeding is by seeking out Labradors that come closer to the breed standard.  We want to encourage Labrador Conformation Education.

Hunting Ability

We strive to maintain the hunting ability in each dog no matter the conformation.  We want a Labrador that can retrieve and therefore we encourage hunting ability as we mentor.

Health Testing

Health Testing is a huge part of breeding successfuly.  If we are going to bring healthy pets into this world, we should do it by ensuring that the labradors going forward will be the healthiest around.

Considerations In Colors

The big divide in the Labrador community we attempt to focus on all those other things first and foremost and keep the color discussion at the back end, however for those choosing to jump into colors we want to be there to help do it right.

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