FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

Guild of Labrador Improvment Breeders

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


We can start out by answering a few questions about what we are not!

  • We are not the CPLR or the LRC which is for breeders and enthusiast to support the overall Labrador breed. We fully respect both the LRC and the CPLR and all they are doing!  We are not in competition with either organization.
  • At this time we are not a non for profit, or a for profit, we are strictly an online guild community which doesn’t take any money at this time. All parties are voluntary and free.
  • We are not entirely public. Portions of our Guild LIB will be private and others will be public.  The reason behind this is because some breeders prefer anonymity for personal reasons and therefore leadership, and membership of the Guild will never be publically displayed.


Q: What is a mentor?

A:  A mentor is someone you respect for deep experience in an area you’re new to.  As a result they’re someone you pay close attention to, someone whose advice you follow.  Importantly a mentor is also someone who’s actually willing to give you that advice. In the field of breeding Labradors, this means someone that takes the time to critique your breeding stock, and evaluates where you’re at with your program and where you desire to go.  They use their experience to guide you towards informed breeding goals and encourage health sound breeding practices.

Q: What’s entailed in being a mentor?

A:  The minimum qualifications are breeding experience over 4-5 years.  You agree to follow the health testing minimums of health testing, and you are a person who can learn even from your mentee.  In otherwords these are only recomendations and sometimes the mentee can teach us a thing or two as well, we all must be learners, and therefore the ‘know it all’ attitudes may be excused from the group.

Q:  How do you find out about your Mentor?

A:  You sign up on the Membership Page and fill out the questionaire.  We will then contact you by Facebook Messenger and attempt to intrdouce you mentor and mentee, or discuss options.

Q: What does it take to be a mentee? 

A:  A mentee is open to taking advice, and learning from someone who’s gone before them.  They are teachable and willing to follow the suggestions recommended.  We understand that one can be both a mentor and a mentee at the same time, and therefore these must be mutual friendships.  We are here only to make recomendations.  Nothing is guranteed, but this is to encourage sound breeding practices, in conformation, health, and overall Labrador quality.

Q: Can anyone be a mentor?

A: We hold on to the right to refuse mentorship from anyone.  We go through an interview process, in an attempt to provide the best mentors with the best newer breeders, however we may not always be successful.  You can always return and ask for someone else.

Q: How do we interact as a group?

A: Once you sign up for membership/mentorship you will be sent a link to a Facebook Group.  There you will join the rest of the guild members, and you can ask questions and collaborate, not everyone has to participate in the Mentorship program there can simply be some group mentorship, but usually the pool of group members will be in waiting to become a mentor or mentee.  When the right person comes along you will be assigned. 

Q: What are the membership Benefits or why would I join?


  • Life Time Membership – Join once and never have to rejoin!
  • Access to the FB Glib Group
  • Health Testing GLIB Code for discounts ( Pending )
  • Opportunity to help one another and encourage better breeding. 
  • Educational Online Enviornment
  • We try to pair less than 4-5 year breeders with breeders who have been breeding over 5 years ( Generally Speaking). Emphasize mentoring, we will pair you up with an American Labrador Mentor, English Labrador Mentor etc.

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