Membership Explained

Guild of Labrador Improvement Breeders

Thanks for considering membership at the Guild for Labrador Improvement Breeders!  

Hopefully, by now you have had the opportunity to read through the ‘Learn More’ tab and the ‘FAQ’.   After you have read through both of those tabs you may be ready to sign up for Membership!  It’s a quick easy process, fill out the form below, and we should get back to you within 24 to 48 hours ideally.  You should get an invite from for the FaceBook Group.  The group has the same purpose to help us mentor one another and learn together. 


The benefits of Joining the GLIB Hub are these!

  • You have the opportunity to be mentored by people who have been breeding Labradors over five years.
  • Lifetime Membership – Join one time and never have to rejoin again! ( Unless you leave on your own at some point. )
  • You get to join the GLIB HUB Mentor Group on Facebook
  • You have the opportunity to help others and Learn from others in a more formal way.
  • You can help create a positive environment for new breeders.
  • As a new breeder, you can glean on the experience of years of experience.
  • We have two health testing discount codes that you get when you join the GLIB Hub Family.


We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to the group.   We also reserve the right to dismiss people from the group who are being judgemental or unhelpful.